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Boat Trailer Fender Bracket with Bend Small for Single Axle

Boat Trailer Fender Bracket with Bend Small for Single Axle

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Part Number: 22983
by Continental: 46-FS8
Galvanized Single Axle Fender Mounting Bracket for Boat Trailer 45 Degree Turn
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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This is a Hot-Dipped Galvanized Single Axle Trailer Fender Mounting Bracket. This Double Bend Wide U-Shaped Boat Trailer Fender Bracket is unique to other brackets in that it is not the typically 90 Degree Angled Bracket. This slightly rounded Fender Bracket is slightly angled to mount your trailers fender. Each bend that you see is roughly 45 Degrees. The correct Boat Trailer U-Bolt or Trailer Bolt is 3/8 inch in diameter. Be sure to check the correct length of U-Bolt or Bolts you will need, as we have many sizes available. Check the pictures with the lengths of the bracket to ensure this one will work for you. Typically you would need (2) of these brackets in order to replace one single axle trailer fender. However, smaller fenders may mount using (1) fender bracket. This listing is one for (1) Fender bracket. If you are needing to replace your trailer fenders as well check out our Single Axle Trailer Fenders to select the correct size you are looking for. 


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