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Boat Trailer Bunk Bracket Replacement Swivel Top Angle Galvanized (3/8 inch mounting hole)

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Part Number: 25874
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3/8 inch mounting hole - Bunk Bracket Replacement Swivel Top
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Hot-Dipped Galvanized Replacement Swivel Top for a Swiveling Bunk Bracket. This Boat Trailer Swivel Angle easily replaces rusted out Swivel Tops on your Trailer Bunk Brackets. These Swivel Top Pieces are designed to mount 2"x4" Bunk Boards and adjust them to the desired angle to better fit the hull of your boat. This Hot-Dipped Galvanized Swivel Top Bunk Bracket is made of 1/8 inch steel (11 gauge), measures 3 1/2 inches on it's longest side and 2 inches tall. The Top holes measure 1 1/4 inches center to center, or 2 1/2 inches center to center between the 2 farthest holes. 

To Mount this Bunk Bracket Swivel you would typically use a 3/8 inch Diameter by 1 1/4 inch Long Zinc Plated Bolt to mount it to your bunk bracket. Also, you can use 5/16 x 1 1/2 Galvanized Lag Screws for Swivel Top Bunk Bracket (2) to mount your bunk board to the swivel top.

This replacement bracket can be used on the standard swivel top style of bolster bracket as well as the 2" x 2" style of bracket that you may have. 


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