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Boat Trailer Bunk Bracket 12 inch Swivel Top Galvanized Support
by CE Smith Co. : 10001G
Part Number: 22656-K
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Boat Trailer Bunk Bracket 12 inch Swivel Top Galvanized Support


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(Pair) Galvanized Lag Screws [+$1.04]
(Pair) Stainless Steel Lag Screws [+$3.00]
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This 12 inch Hot-Dipped Galvanized Swivel Top Bunk Bracket kit is designed for boat trailer bunk board set ups that commonly use Bunk Board 2 in x 4 in sets and also to adjust the angle to the contour of the boat hull. Typically, these adjustable swivel bunk board brackets are mounted to cross members in front and behind the axle, a common single axle trailer might have (4) of these. These galvanized 12 inch Bunk Brackets have slotted 1/2 inch diameter holes to accommodate 1/2 inch Trailer Bolts or Boat Trailer U-Bolts and comes with a zinc plated 7/16" x 1" bolt to mount the top bracket. The slotted holes allow you to adjust the height of the bunks. We offer these in 10 inch Bunk Bracket Swivel Top and 8 inch Bunk Bracket Swivel Top  if you need a different height for your adjustment. The 12 inch measurement is the length of the bracket itself.
Keep in mind when replacing the entire Swivel Top Bunk Bracket you commonly will also need new mounting Bolts or U-Bolts, and also may be needing replacement Bunk Bracket Lag Screws to re-mount your bunk boards if you are using a 2 x 4 or 2 x 6. There is an image that shows a Model of a Swivel Top Bunk Bracket attached to a 3 by 3 Cross-Member using a U-Bolt (This Does not represent how every swivel top is mounted, but just shows an example.) These Swivel Top Bunk Brackets are also commonly mounted to cross members that are C Channel in shape and have different dimensions. Measure your frame dimensions, or simply measure your previous U-Bolts if you are replacing with the same setup!
It is also not uncommon to see these towards the front of your Boat trailer as a second set of bunk guides for the bow of your boat. With this arrangement, you will usually have shorter lengths of 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 that are spaced closer together. 
Swivel Top Bunk Bracket Project Check List:

  Boat Trailer U-Bolts are used to mount your new Bunk Bracket to your trailers Cross Member, measure the height and width of your frame and select from Galvanized or Stainless Steel Trailer U Bolts in 1/2" Diameter.

   Bunk Bracket Lag Screws are used to secure your boat trailers Bunk Boards to your Swivel Top Bunk Bracket, available in stainless steel and galvanized. 

   Marine Bunk Board Carpet is used to wrap your boat trailers bunk boards to protect your boat hull from damage, available in several different widths for 2" x 4" and 2"x 6" boards. 

   Boat Trailer Bunk Boards are used to support your boats weight and assist with loading and unloading and are mounted directly to the Bunk Bracket with Lag Screws. 

5 Stars
Purchased these bunk brackets to use on a old boat lift my son rebuilt for my family. Put it in the water last weeked and these brackets that we used to build the bunks work great. From a $60.00 used boat lift to replacing some of the steel, new bolts and adding bunks, has made a great end product. Holds my 1800lb boat well.
Reviewed by:  from Tonawnada ny. on 5/29/2013
5 Stars
Old Rick
Great product, meets my needs at a reasonable price and fast shipping. I get all my trailer parts here.
Reviewed by:  from Los Osos calif. on 6/1/2012
5 Stars
bunk supports
Heavy duty Galvanized
Reviewed by:  from Forked River. on 5/6/2012

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