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Boat Trailer Bearing Buddy

Using the Grease Fitting installed in the Trailer Buddy, the Hub is filled with grease until the piston in the Trailer Buddy reaches is maximum fill level. This piston is spring loaded, causing pressure. This pressure exerted by the piston prevents water from entering the Bearing Chamber when the Hubs are submerged. This is the distinct advantage of this greasing system.

Below we have sizes for 4 Lug, 5 Lug, 6 Lug, and 8 Lug Trailer Hubs. If you are replacing your current Bearing Buddies with new ones, you can simply cross-reference the size on that Bearing Buddy with the ones we have listed. To ensure you select the correct size, measure the inner diameter of the outside face of your hub, basically where you would install the Trailer Buddy.

Their are typically two distinct styles of axles, posi-lube axles with zirc fittings installed on the spindles, and standard axles without zirc fittings installed on the spindles. For Reference the spindle is the part of the axle your Bearings and Hub Rotate on, this surface along with the bearings needs to be properly lubricated and protected at all times.

It is important to note which style of axle you have. Posi-Lube Axles, (like the ones we sell in Painted Steel and Hot-Dipped Galvanized) feature this system. This system has its own method of greasing your trailer bearings. If you attempt to install a Trailer Buddy on your hub, you will more than likely impact the grease fitting on the spindle, and your Trailer Buddy will not properly seat into your Hub. If you wish to continue, and use the Trailer Buddy system instead of your Posi-Lube system, you will need to remove the grease fitting on the tip of your spindle. 
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