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Boat Trailer Bearing Buddy 1.980 Stainless Steel  Most 4 & 5 Bolt Hubs
by UFP - Unique Functional Products : 1980A-SS
Part Number: 22284
Average Rating

Boat Trailer Bearing Buddy 1.980 Stainless Steel Most 4 & 5 Bolt Hubs


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This is part number 1980A-SS from Trailer Buddy.  This is a great trailer bearing protector to use in salt water or freshwater as it is stainless steel and therefore will not rust. This bearing buddy measures 1.980 at its base, which is the portion of this product that will mount into your trailer hub. The exact location you will mount your Trailer Buddy would be the Outer Face of the Hub, covering the tip of the spindle.
The Trailer Bearing Protector is designed to be used in most 4 Lug or 5 Lug hubs that would otherwise use a grease cap or dust cap of a 1.98 diameter. The blue indicator ring will protrude slightly to let you know when it's full, or recede when you need to add extra grease. Bearing buddies put a small amount internal pressure in the hub (about 3psi). When the hub is submerged, water cannot enter the hub because of this pressureIt's a great way to extend bearing life and service your bearings in-between hub re-packs. Bearing Buddy's help keep dirt and water out of your hubs and bearings.

The Key benefit to the Trailer Buddy system over other greasing methods would be the ability to fill your Hubs bearing chamber using a standard grease gun, while simultaneously creating a pressure lock to prevent water from penetrating your wheel bearings. 

Installation of this item is very simple and can be done with common household tools. Using a hammer and piece of wood, by applying even pressured strikes with the hammer, the Bearing Buddy will fit snugly into the outer face of your trailer hub. If you notice that your Trailer Buddy fits loosely into your hub, you may have a hub that has been worn through excessively use and it may be time for a replacement, as it is crucial to be able to install this item snugly. 

Be mindful not to over fill the Trailer Buddy product. Overfilling will result in your rear grease seal blowing out, leading to premature exposure of your trailer bearings to water.
If you have lost or are regularly losing Trailer Buddies on your Boat or utility trailer, it may be possible that the inner surface of your hubs outer face is worn from excessive use. It is very common for Hubs to become worn from past bearing failure or just simply age. 

Trailer Buddy Common Question:
How do I know if this Trailer Bearing Buddy will fit on my hub?
Answer: This is the 1.98 Size Trailer Bearing buddy that fits hubs with outside cap diameter of 1.98". Simply put, you can measure the outside face of your trailer hub to determine the correct width. In addition, this is the standard size for nearly all 4 Lug and 5 Lug trailer hubs. They are typically used on trailers with tire sizes ranging from 8 inch all the way up to 15 inch. 

5 Stars
Best price around. No longer ever worried about bearing failure. New suspension should outlast me.
Reviewed by:  from Atlanta. on 10/10/2017
5 Stars
The Man
Good product. Easy to install.
Reviewed by:  from Lehigh Acres. on 9/2/2017
5 Stars
Boat & Trailer owner
Bearing Buddies are made of SSteel and machined to size. They will fit tight in most hubs, will not rust, and this one has and fill indicator so you do not over load with grease pressure.I highly recommend this product.
Reviewed by:  from South West Ga. on 3/10/2017
5 Stars
Exactly what I needed
Reviewed by:  from Picayune , Ms. on 10/20/2016
4 Stars
Bearing Buddy 1.980 Stainless Steel
Part # 22284 snap into the hub nicely easy to work with, nice product.
Reviewed by:  from Michigan. on 5/28/2014
5 Stars
A better hub seal than what came with the trailer originally.
Reviewed by:  from port st lucie florida. on 10/28/2013
5 Stars
Bearing Buddy: Great Product
Finally a bearing buddy designed to last when used in salt water. The rubber membrane is soft and supple and provides just enough positive pressure to keep the water out. Remember, bearing buddies are NOT the way the bearings get lubricated! Old style steel bearing buddies get rusty and stuck. When putting grease into a stuck bearing buddy, you end up blowing out the rear seal and then your problems magnify when the sale water gets in to the spindle.
Reviewed by:  from Blackstone, MA. on 3/12/2013
5 Stars
SS Bearing Buddy
Bought this Stainless Steel Bearing Buddy to replace one that I had lost from my trailer. It appears to be good quality none magnetic stainless steel. It has been installed, no issues and looks great.
Reviewed by:  from Cape Cod, MA.. on 9/13/2012
5 Stars
Excellent price for the best bearing protectors bar none.
I regularly use mild steel (chrome plated) bearing protectors but was tired of always having to get the Autosol out 4-5 times a year to keep them looking new. For the same price or less, these SS bearing protectors are absolutely the best and only choice. They not only look great and function perfectly, there is little to no outside maintenance whatsoever. Bearing Buddy's the BEST!
Reviewed by:  from Surrey BC. on 12/30/2011
5 Stars
Bearing Buddy 1.980 Stainless Steel Fits most 4 & 5 Bolt Hubs
Great product! They will not rust where the standard bearing buddies always seem to rust even when not used in salt water.
Reviewed by:  from Sacramento. on 10/1/2011
5 Stars
Finally someone has the "Original" bearing buddy and the best price anywhere.
Reviewed by:  from Hialeah. on 9/21/2011
5 Stars
Good Fit
Received my order of four Bearing Buddy's and a 4-way fitting in short order. Bearing Buddy's installed easily by using a 3 x 3 piece of wood (2x4 will work fine)on end with a heavy hammer or mallet. Using a knee to orient straight, tap to align then tap into hub. I like the blue ring on the expansion chamber, it keeps you from over filling and pressurizing, and blowing-out the rear seal.You need to leave room for expansion and contraction in the chamber.
Reviewed by:  from Erie, PA. on 9/7/2011
5 Stars
All looks good to me. Install was easy and I think they will do the job.
Reviewed by:  from Everglades City, Fl.. on 3/24/2011

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