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Boat Trailer Aluminum Bunk Bracket Only 10 Inch Swivel Top

Boat Trailer Aluminum Bunk Bracket Only 10 Inch Swivel Top

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Part Number: 24668
by : 24668
Aluminum Swivel Bunk Bracket - Bracket Only
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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This is the Standard Boat Trailer 10" Swivel Top Bunk Bracket, without the Swivel Top or hardware.  This is just the Bracket itself in case you need to replace only this part of your Bunk Bracket Setup, or if you prefer to break the parts into separate line items for your business or for bulk orders.  If you are adding Swivel Top Bunks to your trailer or replacing the entire Bunk Bracket Set up, we offer this same Bunk Bracket along with the Necessary hardware (The Swivel Top Piece, and the Bolt and Nut to secure it to this Bracket) in our 10" Swivel Top Bunk Bracket Kit.

To complete this Bunk Bracket Setup, you would need the Boat Trailer Aluminum Swivel Top Piece, a 7/16 inch Diameter by 1 1/4 inch Long Zinc Plated Bolt, and a pair of 5/16 x 1 1/2 Stainless Steel Lag Screws for Swivel Top Bunk Bracket (2).  Simply attach the Swivel Top to the Bunk Bracket using the 7/16" diameter bolt and hardware,  then attach the boards to the Swivel top using the Lag Screws.  You can then loosen the bolt to the swivel top and adjust the angle of the board, then Tighten the Bolt back down to secure it in place.

This style of Bunk Bracket is typically used with 2 x 4 Bunk Boards and is designed to allow you to adjust the angle of the Bunks to fit the contour of the Boat Hull.  A Single Axle Boat Trailer will usually have 4 of these brackets, 2 on the Cross member in front of the axle, and 2 on the Cross member behind the axle. These Aluminum Bunk Brackets install to the crossmembers using U Bolts through the Slotted 1/2" Holes, and are secured in place using the U Bolt Hardware. For a 3"x3" crossmember, you would want to use a 1/2" x 3" x 4 5/16" Stainless Steel U Bolt.

-Bunk Bracket Only, no hardware
-Height Adjustable
-10" Height 


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