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Aluminum Brake Wheel Cylinder LH for Hydraulic Drum Brakes

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Part Number: 22533
by Titan: 0977700AL
Brake Wheel Cylinder LH
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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Titan Aluminum Brake Wheel Cylinder Single Servo Left Hand side for Hydraulic Drum Brakes
Driver Side for 10" and 12" Brake Assemblies
Fits Dexter, Titan, Dico, Bendix, and Atwood

This Braking Wheel Cylinder is for Trailer Drum brakes. It installs in the back of the backing plate. This model can be used on 5 Lug Assemblies operating the 10 inch Backing plate, as well as 6 Lug and 8 Lug Assemblies operating the 12" x 2" Backing plate. 


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