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Adhesive Grip Tape Roll Black 12

Adhesive Grip Tape Roll Black 12" x 60ft

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12" x 60ft Black Grip Tape


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Grip tape has many uses on Camper Trailers, Utility Trailers, as well as Boat Trailers and Docks.  This Grip Tape features a simple Black Color Finish, and a simple peel-away backing that reveals the Adhesive surface beneath.  Simply Cut this Roll to the size you need, peel off the Back, and stick it to a cleaned surface, dust or dirt and other debris will not allow the Grip Tape to stick to the surface.

Grip Tape like this Black Anti Slip Grip Roll can be applied anywhere you would benefit from more traction.  Some common areas are Ladders or steps on Mobile homes and campers, or even on Larger Boat Trailers which have a ladder on them.  The Grip Tape's Adhesive is Super Sticky, and will not peel off in rain, or get damaged by the sun.  It can even withstand oil spilling onto it and just about anything else that might happen around a Trailer or Tow vehicle.

This thicker 12" version of Grip Tape makes it great for larger areas, like around Boat Docks, or by a Pool or in a warehouse or garage that sees a lot of oil or water on the floor, causing a slip hazard.  This can also be applied to the Running Boards on your truck if the factory Anti Slip Grip isn't enough.

- Adhesive Backing
- Easy Installation: Cut To length then Peel and Stick
- 12" Wide Grip Tape in a full 60ft Roll
- Black Color
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