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6000lb Capacity Trailer Axle 62

6000lb Capacity Trailer Axle 62" Hub Face 46" Spring Seat Drop Axle

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Part Number: 22135
by Rockwell American: N/A
6000 lb Round Tube Drop Trailer Axle Steel 3" Round
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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This 6,000lb Capacity Drop Trailer axle is intended to replace your broken or bent axle on your trailer. A 6,000 lb Capacity Trailer Axle Beam is most commonly used on trailers that are running 6 Lug or 8 Lug Brake Drums or Idler Hubs. This Axle includes standard 5 Hole Brake Flanges welded to the axle beam for mounting Drum and Disc Brakes. 
You would need a replacement axle if you have noticed tread wear due to improper tire alignment, which is the result of a bent trailer spindle on one side. In addition, another common reason for axle damage results from over loading the trailer, which will result in noticing tread wear on the insides of both trailer tires. If you trailer experiences exposure to corrosive environments, such as a boat trailer, rust damage is another possible culprit for axle replacement. 
This 6,000 lb Capacity Trailer Axle is made with 3/16" Steel Wall Thickness, measures 3" in diameter, and features #42 Drop Spindles welded into the beam. This listing is for the Beam Only. This Axle is for trailers with a Leaf Spring Suspension. We offer all additionally needed components separately for you to build the exact axle kit that you are needing for your trailer.
Drop Axles Feature a 4" Drop in the Spindle. The Spindle Itself drops, and then is welded into the Axle Beam. Typically Drop Axles are used on heavy duty equipment trailers and car haulers to keep the deck of the trailer as low as possible. 

The Tapered Spindle design of this 6,000 lb Axle has the following features:
Inner Bearing Surface: 1 3/4" ( Most commonly accommodates a 25580 Bearing Number)

Outer Bearing Surface: 1 1/4" ( Accommodates the following Bearing Numbers: 15123, 67048, and 14125A)

Grease Seal: 2.25" Grease Seal Surface

This Listing is For a 62" Hub Face Axle that has the Spring Perches welded at 46". This 62 inch Measurement is also referred to as the Track Measurement, or Center of Tire Measurement. 

Specific Axle Specifications for this 6,000 lb Drop Trailer Axle:

Hub Face: 62"
*Refers to the Outside Face of one Hub as it meets the wheel to the outside face of opposing hub as it meets the wheel

Brake Flange Measurement: 53"
*Refers to the Outside of one Brake Flange to the outside of opposing brake flange

Overall Axle Length (Tip to Tip): 68"
*Refers to the tip of one side of axle spindle to the opposing tip

Camber: This Axle Has No Camber. Leaf Springs would Mount Under the Axle. 

Spring Seat Location: Spring Seats are welded at 46", this would mean that your Center of Leaf Spring Measurement would be 46".  

Trailer Axle Project Check List:

  Leaf Spring U-Bolt Kits – These typically rust or wear out at the same rate as the axle, requiring cutting or breaking during removal.  These kits will re-mount your new axle to your trailers leaf springs.  

   Trailer Leaf Springs  – Replacing rusted or broken leaf springs is crucial to prevent pre mature failure and damage to your suspension system and trailer tires.

   Leaf Spring Mounting Bolts – These Bolts secure your trailers leaf springs to your frame mounted Leaf spring hangers. They are commonly worn and replaced while the trailers leaf springs are being replaced.

   Trailer Leaf Spring Shackles – These shackles are used with Double Eye Leaf Springs to provide the needed suspension for your trailer, held together by the above Leaf Spring Mounting Bolts.

  Trailer Hubs & Parts- Including wheel bearings and grease seal, we have these hubs and brake drums in 6 Lug and 8 lug including the 1 3/4" x 1 1/4" Wheel Bearings for your Axle Kit.
   Trailer Dust Caps - New Dust Caps or Bearing Buddies provide the needed protection and greasing capabilities to protect your trailers axle and wheel bearings. 
   Trailer Lug Nuts - If your Lug Nuts are badly rusted, we have Stainless Steel Lug Nuts available to prevent that issue permanently, and also protect your Hub Studs. 


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