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6 Lug 5,200lb Trailer Bearing Hub Kit

6 Lug 5,200lb Trailer Bearing Hub Kit

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Part Number: 22011
by : 22011
A Complete Trailer Bearing Kit with a new Inner and outer bearing (Bearing #s 25520 and 15123) as well as 2 seal sizes (2.125 and 2.25 inches). Everything you need to repair your trailer hub and get back on the road!

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Don't get stranded again without the right parts! Or maybe you're just looking to replace old bearings on a recently purchased trailer. This bearing hub kit outfits 6 Bolt Hubs for boat and utility trailers. This Bearing kit includes inner and outer bearings, two different-sized seals, and a cotter key. Inner Bearing Number 25580 fits Race Number 25520 Outer Bearing Number 15123 fits Race Number 15245 Seal Inner Diameters are 2.125 and 2.25 inches Two seals are included with this bearing hub kit, you will only use one of the seals depending on the size of the seal surface on your axle. Test each seal before installing to ensure you use the right one. Seal Outer diameter on both 3.376 inches Includes Zinc Plated Cotter Key Fits 5200 - 6000 pound 6 Bolt Axles


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