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4 inch Black Rubber Spool Roller 5/8 Bore for Boat Trailer

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Part Number: 23739
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4 inch Black Rubber spool Roller
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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This 4 inch Black Rubber Roller has a 5/8 inch inner diameter that would typically mount on a Zinc Plated Roller Shaft 5 1/4 inch long 5/8 inch Diameter. This roller will mount on a 4 inch Galvanized Roller Bracket that bolts to the cross members of your boat trailer. The roller and shaft assembly can be secured together using 5/8 inch Zinc Plated Boat Trailer Roller Shaft Pal Nuts that are hammered onto the ends of the shaft. Heavy Duty Rubber and the Spool design of the roller allow for easy loading and unloading of the boat. This design will work on many types of boat hulls. This roller bracket assembly then uses Boat Trailer U-Bolts or Trailer Bolts to mount to the trailers cross-member. 


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