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26 inch Reverse Curve 3 Leaf Spring 1750 lbs

26 inch Reverse Curve 3 Leaf Spring 1750 lbs

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Part Number: 24020
by Distributor: 24020
Reverse Curve 26 inch 3 Leaf Spring for Boat or Utility Trailer
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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This Trailer Leaf Spring is referred to as a Reverse Curve Spring. When determining if you have a reverse curve spring, look at the rear of your spring to determine how your spring is mounted. Typically, on a reverse curve spring set up on your boat or land trailer, you will notice the spring bolts directly into a "hanger" directly with a single bolt. The front eye of the spring will also be bolted into the "hanger" with one single bolt. 
The spring action is caused by the motion of the spring sliding inside of the hook of the spring along the spring bolt. 
In some cases noticing you have a reverse curve spring is difficult because of corrosion around the rear "curve", making it appear that the spring is indeed closed. 
This reverse Curve Trailer Leaf Spring measures 26 1/4 from center of front eye to center of rear curve. Keep in mind that springs do stretch overtime because of age and weight on the trailer. This Leaf Spring is 1 3/4" Wide. 
This spring has  leafs, giving it a carrying capacity of 1750 lbs per spring, a total of 3500 lbs for a pair of springs. 
The Free Arch Measurement of this Leaf Spring is 3 1/2 inches stock

We have the required Leaf Spring Bushings for this leaf spring available for 1/2" Leaf Spring bolts available as an Add On selection on this item. If you are using 9/16" leaf spring bolts, you do not need to add these on to your order. Your Leaf spring will include a Front Bushing. If you need the Rear Leaf Spring Bushing, select a 9/16" Bushing from the Leaf Spring Bushings with a 1" Outer Diameter.
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