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(2) - 6 Foot Boat Trailer Bunk Board Runner Pre-Carpeted 2 in x 4 in

(2) - 6 Foot Boat Trailer Bunk Board Runner Pre-Carpeted 2 in x 4 in

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Part Number: 24858
by : 24858
Pre-Carpeted Boat Trailer Bunk Board Supports 2 x 4
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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These Marine Grade Pre-Carpeted Bunk Boards are 6 ft or 72 inches in length. The Marine Grade Carpet is wrapped around a piece of 2 x 4 wood. These are perfect replacements or additions to your boat trailer to assist in guiding and supporting many types of boats and jet skis. The marine grade bunk carpet is specifically designed to not hold water, this prevents mold from forming quickly and allows the wood to dry. The Bunk Carpet is Black in color. We offer these carpeted bunks as a convenient way to replace rotten or broken supports. The proper function of your boats board supports is crucial to prevent gel coat and hull damage. We would commonly see these on small boat trailers and jet ski trailers. However, they can also be used as forward supports on larger boat trailers. You can think of them as mini bunks. They would be mounted to the front and middle cross member as a guide and support for the bow of the boat. 
The two common types of bunk brackets that these carpeted boards would mount to are the Vertical Bunk Bracket and Swivel Top Bunk Bracket. Regardless of your style of bunk support used, we offer the required hardware to re-mount them to your trailer. 
For the Vertical Style of Bunk Bracket, you will use a 3/8" diameter bolt that would measure 3 inches long. For the Swivel top style of bunk bracket, you will be needing 5/16" x 1 1/2" Lag Screws for securing the boards at the desired angle. 


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