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16 Gauge 4 Conductor Parallel Wire Cut to Length (Per Foot)

16 Gauge 4 Conductor Parallel Wire Cut to Length (Per Foot)

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Part Number: 24539
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12/2 Cable Cut to Length
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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This 16/4 Standard Parallel Wire comes in a 100ft Spool, which we cut to length per your needs.  If you need 20 feet of Wire, simply add quantity 20 to your order and we will send 1 full 20ft length.  If you need multiple sections, more cuts will need to be made after delivery.  If you need more than 100ft, we will reach out to you after your order is placed with options for how we can divide it for you, or you can contact us before placing your order to avoid shipping and processing delays.  Orders that are divisible by 100 will receive that many full rolls.

The Parallel Wire has 4 Color Coded Wires combined into a long strand which is designed to stay together during use, but easily pulls apart for separation at the final connection points.  Parallel Wire is the ideal wire for running trailer lights.  Typically, trailer wiring uses the color coded functions listed below:

White - Ground
Brown - Running Lights
Yellow - Left turn/brake
Green - Right Turn/Brake

- 16/4 Wire (16 Gauge, 4 Conductors)
- Color Coded Parallel Wire
- 50V DC Voltage Rating
- Cut to Length


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