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1/2 Pint Zinc Rich Cold Galvanized Trailer Paint

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Part Number: 22721
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Quart can of Zinc Galvanized Paint for Trailer Parts
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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Aervoe Industries Zinc rich galvanized coating offers superior protection from the elements. With 97% pure metallic zinc dust this galvanized coating will leave a 93% dry film zinc coating after drying. All that you have to do is clean away the rust in the area you would like to restore. Then apply a couple of coats of the Galvanized paint and your set for year round protection. This product protects from rust and corrosion an is ideal for touch-ups, covering new weld points, or restoring a boat trailers finish. This Size is ideal for those touch up Jobs
-1/2 Pint paint can
-Made in the USA
-Manufactured by Aervoe Industries


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