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10 inch Heavy Duty Boat Trailer Bunk Bracket Aluminum L-Type for Cypress Bunks

10 inch Heavy Duty Boat Trailer Bunk Bracket Aluminum L-Type for Cypress Bunks

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Part Number: 24971
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Heavy Duty Long Lasting Performance with NO MORE RUST!
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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This product is a solid 10 inch Aluminum Heavy Duty L-Shaped Bunk Bracket. These Bunk Brackets measure 10 inches tall and 5 inches wide. The Holes you see on the longer section and foot section are 1/2 inch in diameter. The thickness of this 10 inch Aluminum bunk bracket is 3/8 inch. The foot holes are designed specifically to be mounted on a 3 inch wide cross member. In most, if not all cases the cross-member would measure 3 inch by 3 inch. This style bunk bracket is used to mount bunk boards vertically to support the hull of the boat.

If you are deciding on this 10 inch L-Shape Aluminum Bunk Bracket you are either replacing existing rusted bunk brackets or switching the style of bunks on your boat trailer. When replacing existing rusted L Shape bunk brackets of the same style and switching to this aluminum bunk bracket, keep in mind you need to use equally durable hardware. It is very common to see Galvanized Bunk Brackets, when replaced, eat through the aluminum cross-member slightly, this also happens with the U-Bolts when galvanized U-Bolts are used on aluminum. To permanently prevent this problem, use Stainless Steel U-Bolts to mount your Aluminum Bunk Bracket to your Aluminum cross-member. If you are mounting this 10 inch L Shape Bunk bracket to a 3 inch by 3 inch cross-member, the correct stainless steel U-Bolt is Stainless Steel U-Bolt 1/2 inch x 3 inch x 4 5/16 inch. This size U-Bolt will ensure the proper length of threads. Be sure to double check the U-Bolt dimension you require. These U-Bolts are also available in Hot-Dipped Galvanized. In addition, you will need through bolts to re-mount your bunk boards. Check the length bolt you need. We have these available in both Stainless Steel and Zinc plated, you will need a 1/2 inch diameter bolt. 

These bunk brackets typically are replaced in pairs, so keep that in mind! Aluminum bunk brackets are certainly the best option, because they will not rust!


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